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“All for ourselves, and nothing for other people, seems, in every age of the world, to have been the vile maxim of the masters of mankind.” – Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations


A string of patricides rocks 1916 Dublin and a washed-up Scottish doctor receives a mysterious manuscript from a fellow Scotsman recounting his dark experiences in the pioneer city of Seattle in 1889. As the doctor reads the manuscript, he’s made aware the murders in Seattle are connected to those in Dublin and he and the author crossed paths many years before, and under tragic circumstances. In Seattle, a tale of corruption and conspiracy unravels at the feet of a crazed serial killer hell-bent on halting historical progress. It’s just a matter of time before the city will burn.

The doctor must decide if the author is an ally, or the killer himself, amidst an atmosphere of political instability and impending revolt. Throw Away Faces is a raw look into the abuse of power, the well of madness, and the inevitability of tragedy versus the power of redemption.

Title: Throw-Away Faces
Author: Josef Alton
Release Date: January 10, 2019
Genre: Historical Crime Fiction, Mystery, Suspense
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Number of Pages: 206

I love me some Historical Fiction, so when Author Josef Anton sent me a request to read and review Throw-Away Faces I accepted.

This book takes us from Seattle 1889 to present-day Dublin, 1916. It was a superb read, Josef Anton gives us a piece of Seattle while at the same time twisting it in a mind-bending and intriguing story of murder and political waywardness. It’s a whodunnit that will both surprise you and yet not, for the mind of man is easily corruptible.

Enoch Campbell, a young Lawyer is sent to Seattle in 1889 by his father who thought it would be good for him to get away from the tragic events that happened their family. Unfortunately for Enoch, he immediately becomes sucked into a sadistic murderer’s games.

In going along with Enoch Campbell’s account of what happened during the year 1889 patricides that took place and his near obsession of trying to solve these Gruesome murders. The narrative between Enoch and the killer leaves you wondering just who is this homicidal killer that rants on about philosophy, what is he trying to show Enoch, what kind of deep conspiracy lies at the base of his murder spree.

In 1916 horrific murders are now happening in Dublin, as the murders pile up Doctor Thomas Dooley receives a manuscript from Lawyer, Enoch Campbell detailing the murders that happened in 1889, Seattle. Dooley wonders if it’s just the ramblings from an obsessed mind, nothing more than fantasy or might Enoch be the actual killer. Can Enoch Campbell’s manuscript help Dr. Dooley solve these monstrous crimes?

Mr. Enoch Campbell appeared to be as unreliable a narrator as the editor to Hoggs’ Justified Sinner [LX], and in suit used his title and education to legitimize his bias. Dooley stared into the mirror. He was aware he was an unhealthy doctor. He thought about his own stories and how unreliable they were.

In Seattle’s infancy, it must grapple with the threat of being destroyed, both physically and financially along with its human structures. For there are those with enough malice, darkness and, greed to bring this young city to its knees.

In the end, it is a testament to man’s continuous ambition to obtain wealth and power and the length they would go to obtain them. The motivations of the men within this novel will rock your belief system in certain men and wonder if such men can be granted some form of redemption whether in life or in death.

This is a well-researched novel, with the historical information cataloged through extensive endnotes that are meant to be read with the main narrative.

I enjoyed this novel, Alton gives us a rich setting, well-developed characters and a story that will bind you to its pages until the very end.

I recommend this novel to all book lovers out there especially those who enjoy a great Historical Crime Fiction.

Thanks to the author Josef Alton and Netgalley for a digital copy of Throw-Away Faces.

About the Author

Josef Alton was born in Seattle, Washington and attended Seattle University, Trinity College Dublin, and the University of Otago, New Zealand. He’s published with several publications, including the Australia Journal of Victorian Studies, Seattle Weekly, City Arts Magazine, and others. He currently lives in Seattle and works as a general contractor and author.

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