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Book Dragons: It’s the International Book Fairs 2019 Calendar #BookFairs #ArtBookFair #Kotobee #BookFestival @KotobeeOfficial

I received an email from Kotobee about the International Book Fairs 2019 Calendar. I’m a bit late getting it up on my blog. But here goes, better late than never, yes😊.

If you’ve ever been to a Book Fair/Festival, or have thought of going but haven’t yet done so, this year might be the year you do.

Kotobee has given us a beautiful and interactive calendar to find out where the book fair will be held, you have the choice of clicking on a continent and seeing the book fairs in that region. Kotobee gives you instructions on their site on how to navigate to the country you’re living in and where that book fair will happening.

Thank you Kotobee for providing us with such an awesome list of the International book fair. Which they update regularly. Check out the interactive calendar and Infographic on their site.

Below is an image of the infographic. Hey, maybe you’ll end up at a Book Fair this year😊.

International Book Fair 2019 Calendar

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