The Serial Killer’s Daughter – Lesley Welsh
Charmer, liar, father, Killer.
This guy is the devil incarnate, there are no words to adequately describe the depth of this monster’s evil. We learn of his monstrous acts through his daughter Suzanne’s eyes and along the way through his eyes as well. Suzanne received a series of diaries from her father’s girlfriend after his death as well as a number of photos of women. But is he truly dead?

This is a very dark and disturbing read, but it’s my jamm so I quite enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, we won’t be reading anything new in the future from this amazing author, as she passed away early last year. Her other books Truth Lies Buried and In the Blood are available on Amazon for purchase.

City of Endless Night – Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
Another awesome Pendergast read. I don’t think I will ever be tired of one of my favourite FBI Agent. In City of Endless night Pendergast is assigned to a routine murder case, well you see he’s on his boss’s bad side at the moment, so he’s being punished. Only the case turns out not to be routine, I mean there’s decapitation of a billionaire’s daughter and all. He’s joined once again with our favourite NYPD Lieutenant Vincent D’Agosta.

This is a great addition to the Pendergast series, tense and tightly wound, it seems death is always lurking behind every shadow. It’s an unputdownable, well it was for me.

The Girl with all The Gifts
Book cover: The Girl with all The Gifts
This is a great zombie apocalyptic story. Based in England on a military base, Doctors studies children that were once human, but are now what the doctors termed “hungries”. Melanie is a 10-year-old, second-generation hungry. She possesses superhuman strength and a superb intellect, and she can reason and communicate. These children are being experimented on to find out how and why they can communicate and be like normal humans, except you know they would eat you if they catch you. I enjoyed this book, very different from the usual zombie apocalypse.
The film adaptation is available on Netflix.

Alias Grace – by Margaret Atwood
Book cover of the book Alias Grace by Margaret AtwoodThis historical true crime account delves into the life of Alias Grace a convicted murderer. She is one of Canada’s most infamous killer.
She and James McDermott were arrested in 1843 for the murder of their employer Thomas Kinnear and Nancy Montgomery his house-keeper and mistress. A stunning portrait of the lives of women in another time.
Now a television miniseries playing on Netflix.

What You Owe Me
Book cover of What You Owe Me by Bebe Moore Campbell
A saga of two cleaning ladies, one white, one black, they meet in post-World War II, in 1940s Los Angeles, California. They form a friendship and business relationship that would eventually lead to betrayal, love, and heartbreak, between the women and in generations that would follow. I’ve read this a few times. It’s a worthwhile read,  very intriguing, poignant and heartwarming.

Swan Song – By Robert R. McCammon
In a post-apocalyptic world, after a nuclear war between the U.S and Russia destroys the world. Evil still walks, hell-bent on eliminating the rest of mankind. If you’ve read and loved Stephen King’s The Stand, you’ll love this as well.

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