The No Sleep Podcast

Hey everyone 😊, this weeks podcast mention is, The No Sleep Podcast. If you frequent the Subreddit or Reddit forum, you might have come across this podcast, this is where it originally started. It’s become an award-winning anthology series of original horror stories since then. They’ve been around since 2011, hosted by David Cummings.

The No Sleep Podcast

Image via No Sleep Podcast

Ok, so I’m a huge horror fan (I may have mentioned it before 😊), I mean huge, ya I said it already right. This podcast is about telling horror stories, therefore, I’m of course a huge fan of theirs. I mean as a horror junky, I get to creep myself out in the middle of the day while going for a walk, or on the train, well heck anywhere really.

As I mentioned, they tell great stories, the quality of the series, the performance its all just great. They really do have a great cast of voice actors to tell us the stories. They do live show as well, I haven’t been able to attend one yet, I was hated that I didn’t get to attend the one in Toronto last year, but I’ll get there.

The episodes are meant to be scary, but not for me hehehe! They’re currently into their 10th Season so lots of entertainment to get through.

You can subscribe to the no sleep podcast wherever you listen and subscribe to your podcasts. Itunes, Google Play, Stitcher and Sound Cloud.

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  1. I love this podcast. One of the first I ever got into. I love creepypastas and Reddit’s subreddit on horror, and this marries the best of the two. Although there’ve been a few episodes that really messed with my head and genuinely scared the hell out of me. Overall one of the best podcasts out there, IMHO.

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