2 Dope Queens – Podcast

Hi Everyone, it’s me Rose 😊 coming to you with this week’s podcast mention,
2 Dope Queens. I’ve been listening to these ladies since 2016. Phoebe also has another podcast which I listen to as well called Sooo Many White Guys, which is also very, very funny. And now they have an HBO series, so cool right, basically, it’s 2 dope queens but visual.

2 Dope Queens

Image via iHeart Radio

And now they have an HBO series to have you laughing, even more, basically, it’s 2 dope queens but visually so cool right. Of course, the series just started on HBO four episodes so far. Let’s hope it’s a success for the ladies, I love it so far though.

This podcast is hosted by the very funny Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson. This is a live comedy podcast. These ladies represent some serious diversity and inclusion when the bring on the comedians. There are some very funny female comedians, comedians of color, and LGBT. They ensure that people from different backgrounds are represented.

Some of the comedians they bring to the show are simply hilarious. Like this episode #42 White Lesbian Urkel. They’ll have you giggling even after the episode has come to an end and you’re about to step into your office for work. I will say though that they say things that make your mouth drop open, like did she just say that😊. But funny as hell!

You’ll get to know these ladies as you go along with them on their podcast life.

To listen to 2 Dope Queens, subscribe on Itunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify or wherever you subscribe to your favourite podcasts.

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