Book Review

The Progeny (Descendants of the House of Bathory #1) – Tosca Lee

“Emily Jacobs is the descendant of a serial killer. Now, she’s become the hunted.”
This is the first time that I have read any standalone books by Tosca Lee. But I have read the books she co-wrote with Ted Dekker, another favorite author of mine. They co-wrote this trilogy – The Books of Mortals which includes: Forbidden, Mortal, and Sovereign, and I loved these books. So, when I read the book jacket of The Progeny, I was intrigued by the fact that I was going to learn even more about Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed (1560-1614) – The Blood Countess. You know, one of the most notorious female serial killer in history.

I wanted to see how she was once again going to be woven into a story of fiction. Which was done by James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell in The Order of the Sanguines series.

Ah well, I was wrong about that, but not disappointed that I purchased the book.

It’s a fast-paced suspense and thriller with some historical roots, a fantastic read. Now imagine learning that you are the descendant of one of the most prolific serial killer of all time and that you are being hunted by a sect called the Scions of the Dispossessed, with a leader called the Historian, that has been hunting and killing your kind (Progeny) to extinction mercilessly because of something that the blood countess supposedly did to them more than four hundred years ago. Apparently, they are doing this for the victims who received no compensation, let alone justice.

Emily Porter erased her entire memory to protect those she loves and herself, the only connection she left herself was a letter. Can you imagine erasing your life and going into hiding? Wow! I wonder if such places exist already.

Emily meets Luka Novak, who befriends her. But she becomes suspicious after she sees him one night talking to a stranger, he pretends he doesn’t see her. This same night she is practically kidnapped by the same stranger, who tells her Luka isn’t what he appears to be, that she’s in danger from him. She believes this stranger who turns out to be Roland.

“Well this is getting exciting,” I say, as I began to get that oh no, I can’t stop reading until I find out what happened to her feeling. Which is exactly what I did.

So, it turns out that Roland knows all about her, he knows her real name is Audra Ellison, not Emily Porter. And now she has to learn why she erased her memory and went into hiding. Roland tells her that she has the ability to plant suggestions into the minds of others and can demand your attention without speaking. What? I want this ability, I mean to be able to persuade others to do your bidding, come on.

He also tells her that the hunters have an ability as well. They can harvest the memory of a Progeny in the very moment of their death. What the hell, people that can rape your memory banks? Is nothing sacred!

I must say that this book had quite a few twist and turns and ended with a major cliffhanger, so you’ll want to have book 2 (First Born) ready to go.

Oh and this is being developed into a TV Series. Hopefully, it gets made.

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