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Seeds of Malice – Dale Mayer (Psychic Visions Series #11)

Psychics, murders, poisons, betrayal, mystery, suspense, love; Seeds of Malice have it all.

Seeds of Malice by Dale Mayer

A psychic ability that kills by inhaling her breath. That’s just terrifying.

Who would think of such a psychic ability, only Dale Mayer can surprise with such a new unique ability; poison via plants. Amazing, just amazing.

She can see, smell and identify the poison that was used to murder the victims, without having to be very close to them, this saved her in the trial after she performed a test for the jurors. At one point she saw the poison laid out on her bed, someone had attempted to poison her, she sees this as a wisp of smoke. Fern is immune to all poisons.

It’s a thrilling page-turner, you won’t look at all those pretty plants the same way again.

With each novel, Dale Mayer introduces us to a new amazing character, this new installment in the series was no different. In Seeds of Malice, we meet Dr. Fern Geller, a famed Botanist, who’s interest lies in cultivating plants that kill; she studies the effects of poisonous herbs and plant on the human nervous system.

This is the 11th book in the Psychic Visions Series, I’ve read and loved them all. There are a few characters that are almost always in all the books, Stefan Kronos and Dr. Maddy are two of my favorites, I’m always hoping that they’ll show up.

Fern has had a traumatic childhood, no one knows what she’s been through as a child, she hides it all, some of it even from herself. Wait until you read what her parents did to her (seriously disturbing).

Now dubbed “Dr. Death” and still viewed as a murderer, even after her acquittal, she has returned to the states after retreating to London, England, only to find there have been new murders and a missing friend. All eyes turn to her once again. Jeez! Can a girl not get a break? Once again she must fight to clear her name. She teams up with a couple of real friends and reluctantly law enforcement. Because it’s not like law enforcement help her out the first time around.

“The first man’s lips tilted in a sneer.

She studied him, then asked, “who are you? And just what the hell is going on here?”
“Maybe we should be asking you that question. Dr. Death, isn’t it?”

Her heart froze. That name. Dear God. When would she ever be able to discard it?”

This one is a serious mind-bender, trying to figure out who was behind all the murders, framing fern. At first, I was sure I knew, then “wham” Dale Mayer throws a nice big twisty curve at you. You can’t put the book down now because you just have to know, who the asshole(s) could possibly be.

Next in the series is Eye of the Falcon: Look for it January 2018. OMG! That’s such a long wait.

Eye of the Falcon (from the book jacket)

As a young girl, Issa, bonded with her pet falcon was the lookout for her father’s smuggling operation in Ireland. After everything blew up one night and her father and brothers were killed, her mother brought her to America to start over.
Eye of the Falcon by Dale Mayer
Immigrating was hard, but eventually she grew up and pursued a career in environmental sciences and continued to follow her passion for falconry. But she doesn’t find the same special bond with another falcon. Until one fateful day when her world explodes again…

Eagle, a former military pilot, has retired to his small ranch outside of Denver, Colorado where he runs a rescue center for raptors in need. One falcon is acting irrationally. Eagle’s only recourse is to euthanize him, but the falcon rips free. Although injured so badly he shouldn’t be able to fly, the falcon disappears into the skies.

The next night the falcon returns with a beautiful but seriously injured young woman in tow… carrying a message of death and destruction for the both of them…

Yes, yes I have already pre-ordered Eye of the Falcon.

If you love the paranormal then check out Dale Mayer’s psychic vision series.

Psychic Vision Series Book List

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