Female Criminals – Podcast

Well hello everyone, 😊 I’m here with a great podcast mention. Female Criminals, yes that’s what I said Female Criminals.criminalsfemale

This Podcast is hosted by Vanessa Richardson and Claire Dellamar, Claire left in Season 1, Sami Nye joined Vanessa as host for Season 2. The podcast began in March 2018. I began listening to this podcast a couple of months ago and quickly got hooked. I was like Whoa! Whoa! A podcast dedicated to female criminals, I’m so with it.😀

I love listening to Vanessa, who’s also a co-host on Serial Killers (What? I love True Crime lol) she has such an amazing voice.

This podcast delves into not just the criminal act, but also the psychology, historical facts and, motivations for the crime, you basically get, well the full breakdown of the person who committed the crime, so some episodes are sometimes in two parts. I can tell a great deal of research is done for each episode with all the details provided.

Some females as we know can be essentially evil, they sometimes go down the road where such atrocities are committed that is born of extreme depravity.

Although this podcast is scripted, it’s an amazing podcast to listen to, I listen to each new episode which comes out every Wednesday.

So far a few of my favourite episodes include Genene Jones (episode 20) a Pediatric nurse, Stacey Castor (episode 8) “The black widow” and Dorothea Puente (episode 24) “The death house landlady”. Who would have thought this sweet looking grandmother (Dorothea) could commit such crimes.

You can subscribe to this podcast via iTunes, Google Play, TuneIn and, Stitcher.

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