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Hi Everyone, it’s been a while, I know. Hope everyone is doing well out there. I did take a  bit of a break there didn’t I, but I’m backkkkk😃😊.

Anna Faris

Image via: Anna Faris Podcast

First up today is a very cool podcast mention,  Anna Faris is Unqualified.

Unqualified is an advice podcast created and hosted by Actress Anna Faris and her producer, one of her best friends, Sim Sarna. So this is a comedy/advice podcast that started in 2015, they interview celebrities about their lives, careers, and opinions, and then do personal phone calls to two of their listeners who want relationship advice or to discuss their issues.

If you like Anna Faris movies, you’ll like her podcast as well, (remember Scary Movie lol). She takes a hilarious view of the interviewing process, it’s like just having a very funny conversation with one of your friends. Like in the Macaulay Culkin episode, very funny indeed. Ummm, you’re going to hear stuff from him that you would never think you’d hear him say. Also, I liked episode 126 with Logan Browning from Dear White People, hilarious.

Celebrities talk about themselves in a no-hold-back sort of way, and at the end gives advice, sometimes quite hilarious, to one or two of the podcast listeners, it’s equal parts humor and depth. Sometimes, it’s advice that comes to you when you need it the most, advice worth taking to heart because their advice and can help in the most unexpected of ways.

There are also follow-up calls to some of the call-in listeners and that’s so great as well, because of the sometimes serious issues that come up.

There’s also a book out by her of the same name: Unqualified, it’s a funny, memoir-combined with relationship advice.

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