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Hey everyone😊. So, this week’s podcast mention is Stuff You Should Know, hosted by Josh Clark and Charles W. “Chuck” Bryant, who are both writers, they have a great rapport with each other, which makes listening not as boring as in an actual history class, well it was for me. They’ve been doing this podcast since 2008, I know right, they’ve endured all this time.

Stuff You Should Know Podcast

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I love this podcast, you learn so much, about things you’ve forgotten, new things and things you didn’t think you wanted to know about. Like how much money is there in the world. I never thought about that before, at least not consciously. This podcast gives you the chance to learn about what’s happening in the world you exist in from both the present and the past.

These guys do their research on their topics quite extensively, makes you feel like you should start going to the library more. But no need right, they’ve done almost all the research for you. I love learning new stuff all the time, and this is a cool way to do it, they do delve in deep into each topic, hence their in-depth research. This is a perfect blend of education and entertainment for me.

This week I listened to the Harriet Tubman story and How the Underground Railroad Worked episodes, both episodes were great. I’ve of course read the history of Harriet Tubman, but I didn’t know that when she went back to help free her family, which included her husband, that her husband had already moved on to another woman. What a dumbass! I mean there she is trying to free his ass and that’s what he does.

So if you love history and want to learn about something different in an entertaining way yet educational way, check out the guys on Stuff You Should Know on whatever listening platform you listen to your podcasts.

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  1. Thank you for this awesome podcast suggestion. I just listened to the first episode and it really is terrific. Amazing the story of Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad, and that little known personal tidbit about her life and her husband. I like to think that that’s a sign women are so much stronger and better in so many ways than men can be. Now I will climb down off my feminist soapbox. 🙂

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