I’ll Reblog Your Page!

Such a great way to meet other bloggers. Thanks Danny.

Dream Big, Dream Often


As most of my followers know I am big into helping other bloggers gain more exposure. My goal has been to grow a community of like-minded people and I am part way to my goal.  I am bringing back the open call to leave a link and I’ll share it for you!!

The basic rules are simple:

Leave me a link in the comments and I’ll reblog

.  I’m not sure it gets much simpler.  You can leave as many links as you want in the comments and I’ll reblog your post.

All I ask is if you leave a link please reblog this post to help spread the word.  Easy peasy, lemon breezy.

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  1. Hello! What a great opportunity. I’m not sure if this is still going on, but I blog about faith, books, and disability awareness. One of my favorite posts is a review of a short story entitled “Into the Surf,” along with an interview of the author, Maggie Jane Schuler. The short story is a part of a charity anthology entitled “Letting Hope Enter.” The goal of the project is to raise awareness about mental health. All proceeds from the project go to help support suicide prevention.

    You can find the post here:


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