Book Review

Just Try To Stop Me – by Gregg Olsen

A Prison Warden (Janie Thomas) is kidnapped by a brutal and ruthless prisoner, her name is Brenda Nevins, a convicted serial killer. But was Janie Thomas really kidnapped?
Just try to stop me: Gregg Olsen
After finally being put in prison for multiple murders, Brenda Nevins is finally where she belonged. Of course, she thought otherwise. Obviously, all twisted serial killers believe they shouldn’t be locked up.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. There is seduction, murder, and psychological mayhem. You just want to keep reading to see what or who she’s going to use next in her game.

I have read a few of Gregg Olsen’s books, I loved them all, especially the Stark and Waterman thrillers. His True Crime books are greats reads as well.

In this heart-stopping police procedural, fiction and mystery, Kendall Stark, a Sheriff’s Detective, and Birdy Waterman a Forensic Pathologist; race to stop an escaped prisoner hell-bent on getting her revenge, in all the twisted ways her psychotic mind can conjure.

Unfortunately for Kendall and Birdy, they are the targets of her very twisted revenge.

For the killing will be filmed and YouTube will be her social-media platform where the world will witness the horror and brutality. But for Kendall and Birdy they will be the first to see these videos, it’s her way of making them suffer, before the final act.

For those who invite Brenda Nevins into their lives, they always regret it, for seduction and mind control are her weapons and she wields them with sharp precision. She seduces men and women into doing her bidding. She will make you leave your husband and child to be with her, she’s that good.

If you want to peer into the mind of a twisted sociopath and observe her mind at work, give this book a go.

To get even more immersed in Brenda’s world, you might also want to read, Now That She’s Gone.

“All of Brenda’s emotions about others were as bogus as her breasts. She is incapable of recognizing the pain of others because to her, others were only objects. Things to be used. Things to get her whatever it was that she wanted.” – Kendall Stark

The Waterman and Stark series – Gregg Olsen

The Bone Box
The Girl in the Woods
Now That She’s Gone
Just Try To Stop Me

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