Book Review

Wait for Dark – A Bishop\Special Crimes Unit Series (#17) – by Kay Hooper



In Clarity, North Carolina, the residents have fallen victim to an unfortunate series of events. Seemingly random accidents have taken the lives of several citizens in the small mountain town. But these deadly coincidences are anything but. Something is on the hunt in Clarity, and the only clue as to what is a cryptic note given to the victims 24 hours before they meet their ends: “Wait for dark.”

Sheriff Mal Gordon knows how to handle his town, but he has no idea how to handle this. Hollis Templeton and her team from the Special Crimes Unit, including her partner and lover, telepath Reese DeMarco, are called in to investigate.

But while the SCU has prepared them for the unknown, the incredible evil stalking Clarity shakes the team to their core when one of their own is targeted. Now Hollis, the “cat with nine lives” finds herself facing death again.

And this time, not even her partner can protect her…

A young woman dies in a fiery car accident, a farmer is mangled to shreds by his harvester, a family barbecue ends in a deadly explosion and a young woman die days before her wedding. Horror movie much!!

I’m not one to read books with all romance, I mean I love romance but give me some action, thriller, or paranormal to go with it, luckily this is what I got with this series, because with Kay Hooper’s Bishop/Special Crimes Unit novels (I have read them all by the way) they mostly deal with nasty serial killers and a nice big slice of psychic and paranormal elements to set your mind to wonder what if humans could possess such abilities. I totally wish I was a telepath with precognitive abilities (so cool! what? I’m not going to read your mind or anything).

She has become one of my favorite authors, she is without a doubt a master of suspense, mystery and the paranormal. Love it!

These novels follow Noah Bishop, Unit Chief, a very powerful telepath with a precognitive ability and his FBI team, called the Special Crimes Unit, for obvious reasons – they all have a unique gift.

Two of my favorite characters within these books are Hollis Templeton – a medium (always developing new abilities) and Reese DeMarco her partner (soon to be lover) a telepath. I love that Hollis is so blunt and sarcastic, brave and fearless.

Hollis and Reese have been in many of the books and she is the lead in this latest novel. In this new case, we meet two new agents, Cullen and Kirby.

I’ve been rooting for Hollis and Reese to be together for a long time. I won’t say anything else about them here.

In this latest Bishop/Special Crimes Unit novel. FBI and Special Crimes Unit Agent Hollis Templeton is at the center of the action, even while recovering from a previous case that left her gravely injured both physically and mentally.

In Clarity, NC, several deadly accidents have occurred and Sheriff Mal Gordon begins to suspect they are not accidents at all, for with each deadly incident the same text is found on the victim’s phone – Wait for Dark.

This is where Bishop sends medium Hollis Templeton and her telepathic partner Reese DeMarco to investigate after receiving a call from Sheriff Mal Gordon. Upon their arrival, a new victim is discovered, only this time the killer decides not to disguise the murder as an accident, he obviously wants the agents to know what exactly they’re looking at.

“Is it a full-blown migraine yet?” he asked her, stepping into her room as she went to frown at the suitcase open on her bed.
Damned telepaths.

This asshole gets off on what he’s doing to these innocent people. But is him that is truly carrying out all these horrific murders, is there more than one killer?

I do have to say though, that there was way too much talking in this one, but as usual Hollis’s sarcasm and humor kept me going. A great read overall.

If you have never read any books in this series, you can jump in here without a problem. Kay Hooper gives plenty of backstories for readers to understand how the unit operates and who the characters are and what psychic abilities they’re adept at.

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