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The Puppet Master – Prequel to The Amendment Killer: Ronald S. Barak @RonBarakAuthor

“First The Amendment Killer, now The Puppet Master, whenever Barak brings it, the result is always the same, tense, timely and terrific!” – Lee Child, #1 New York Times Bestselling author of the Jack Reacher novels


Three prominent Washington politicians assassinated by a vigilante serial killer “challenging” political corruption. Capitol Hill panics. Others whisper they are getting what they deserve.

Crafty D.C. homicide detective Frank Lotello is tasked to find the killer. Local businessman Cliff Norman is arrested. Politicians breathe a sigh of relief. However, when Lotello discovers a disturbing White House connection, he suspects Norman may have been set up.

Trial commences in savvy judge Cyrus Brooks’s courtroom. An angry nation rallies behind Norman. The jury debates whether Norman’s actions may be legally justified by rampant abuse of public trust. Brooks and Lotello join forces to uncover the truth before the jury may unravel U.S. history.

The Puppet Master is a plausible, gripping story of a political system gone awry—and those who feel compelled to fix it.

My Review

Eloquently written, deviously conceived. The conspiracy within these pages is not beyond reasoning. Man will conspire and kill for the merest of reasons after all. Fast-paced to be sure, especially for those who enjoy court-room sagas and all that goes with. The political corruption within these pages is astounding.

Along the way there are some twisty bits that may have you going, what the hellll!

Politicians are being murdered in rapid succession. Why are they being murdered? We are witnessing political mayhem in Washington D.C. Tension is growing all over the country, on the actions of politicians on Capitol Hill. The economy is sinking because of the greed of said politicians, there are angry people out there. Are they angry enough to take matters into their own hands? Who is this vigilante serial killer?

Detective Lotello and his partner must find out who this serial killer is and bring him to justice before any other politician is murdered.

Meanwhile, the political games in Washington keep getting nastier.

This appears to be somewhat of a mantra for the killer. “Anger turned to rage. Rage turned to confusion. I will prevail. I must prevail”

It’s easy to feel sorry for someone who’s lost everything they hold dear; their family, livelihood, self-esteem and even their stability. All these factors can plunge one into darkness.

When the so-called vigilante killer is arrested, the politicians breathe a sigh of relief. I had my suspects firmly set in my mind. I was so sure I knew who it was and them ka-boom, two of my suspects are down, neither are any of the ones I bet on, I mean I’m usually so good at getting it right. I wasn’t surprised about who it was when it was revealed, he was on my suspect list, but it wasn’t my “yeah, he totally had it in him to do it kind of guy.” But those are the ones who are always so clever in hiding in plain sight aren’t they.

We’re taken into the no-nonsense Judge Brooks courtroom to witness the trial. Will he be able to rule this trial with impartiality?

My head was buried so deep in this book because I was so excited to find out who the killer was I missed my subway stop to work one morning.😂

This book portrays quite well, the courtroom proceedings that happen in a real-life murder trial. We’re shown a well developed constructed view of the courtroom drama each step of the way. It was very intriguing witnessing what the jury was thinking and their reasoning behind their verdict of guilty or not guilty.

One thing I will say is that the courtroom procedures were a bit too much, but only a smidgen. Overall, it was a fast-paced, OMG I have to know right now what happens book. I enjoyed reading it and recommend it to all, especially those who enjoy a good whodunnit.

Quote from the book

The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men. – Plato

Thanks to Shayla and the Author Ronald S. Barak for sending me a digital copy of his book The Puppet Master.

The first Brooks/Lotello Thriller: The Amendment Killer

Title: The Puppet Master
Author: Ronald S. Barak
Published: December 11, 2018
Genre: Fiction, Crime, Political/Thriller, Legal Story
Number of Pages: 517


About the Author

Described by his readers as a cross between Agatha Christie, Lee Child, and John Lescroart, bestselling author Ron Barak keeps his readers flipping the pages into the wee hours of the night. Barak is a law school honors graduate and a former Olympic athlete. He and his wife, Barbie, and the four-legged members of their family reside in Pacific Palisades, California. Visit his website at You can also read his occasional blogs at

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  1. It’s sounds like an interesting read. In more so because I study Criminology and political corruption is something I know all too well. Great review. Adding it to my goodreads. Ps. The last book I downloaded it and I haven’t even started it as yet …sigh.

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    • It really is an awesome read and very timely. Hope you get a chance to check it out and enjoy it as well. Thanks so much for reading and commenting, I do appreciate it😊


  2. This sounds like a really good book. I need to expand from my usual reading genre. I’ve got lazy and keep reading the same sorts of books. I’ve always loved a good mystery! I’m going hunt for this one.

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