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The Witch Trials: The Becoming (Book 1) – Intrigue Sui Generis



In this new book, series history is examined from the hearts of the families that lived in this time. The root and cause of the Witch Trials are exposed in new depths through an action-packed drama inspired by events in Europe during the 16th century.

The story starts in France, but like a disease that spreads, many other countries end up affected. Sylvie raised from an upper-class family, is married to a craftsman in France. As her life quickly spins out of her control, she grasps at straws to regain her self. The political climate of her location is moving against her, can Sylvie achieve her goals with so many opposing forces at play? Will she risk her life?

My Review

This was an excellent first book in Intrigue Sui’s series of the Witch Trials, beginning in the 16th Century in France.

We know that many witch trial trials took place within the 16th and 17th centuries; The Salem Witch Trials and the Burning Witch Trials come to mind. Many women were murdered once they were accused of being a witch for one reason or the other, whether it was because of so-called satanic practices or that you are practicing bad magic.

Intrigue’s book takes us back to a small town in Eze, France and to Sylvie who’s married to Leon a craftsman, he is indeed one of the best furniture makers in France. Sylvie grew up with many privileges, so it’s hard for her to not be able to, say for example bathe as regularly as she wanted to. I mean can you believe that insanity?

Although she very badly wanted to be a Doctor someday just like her father, she must now concentrate on her family and try to leave that life behind. But can she, will she?

Soon we’re introduced to Anouk, and learned that she’s hiding from those who’s accused her of practicing witchcraft. Jeeze all she did was help her sister because of the wounds inflicted upon her by her asshole husband. Somehow, she’s using magic to heal her sister. I’ll leave it here abut Anouk.

With all the talk of witchcraft going on, Leon is summoned by Pope Innocent for a private meeting with him and a few others, he soon finds out what the Pope wants of him. Leon must now be very careful how he maneuvers in the town as he has to protect his family more than ever now.

The chapters are quite short and titled to reflect which character or topic we’ll be reading about.

This was a great start to this series and I look forward to the rest of the series when they become available.

Thank you, Intrigue Sui Generis, for sending me a digital copy of your book, The Witch Trials: The Becoming.

Please hop on over to Intrigue’s blog to learn more about her and check out some of her amazing poetry.

Publisher: Intrigue Publishing LLC
Author: Intrigue Sui Generis
Genre: Historical Fiction
Date Published: June 2018
Number of Pages: 70

About The Author

Intrigue Sui Generis is an Ashford University graduate who has a deep connection with the medieval times period. Thus, her first book series, Witch Trials, which is based in the 16th century. Intrigue is also a teacher and a non-denominational believer who studies history and loves mathematics. Intrigue has a hands-on relationship with her readers through her blog and website Where she has written many poems, short stories, and clues on future Intrigue projects ( which thousands have enjoyed).

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    • Thank you so much Jennifer, I really appreciate you reading and commenting😊. She did packed in a lot into a very short book, can’t wait for the next in the series. Yeah, her name is just beautiful.

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