The Murder in My Family – Podcast

thefamilyMy podcast mention today is The Murder in My Family a True Crime podcast. This podcast is hosted by Mike Morford who’s also a co-host on Criminology podcast which is another great podcast I listen to. This podcast interviews the family member(s) of the victim.

The murder in my family podcast gives you the story from the victims family’s perspective. Murder happens and sometimes we don’t hear about the family members and how they are impacted by their loved ones being murdered. This podcast gives you the opportunity to hear from the families of these victims because of course, the family members are also victims of those crimes committed against their loved ones.

Some of these murders happened a long time ago, decades in fact and the victim’s families are still looking for answers. In episode 1:Β  Cathy Thomas – The Colonial Parkway Murders, her murder happened in 1986, and now decades later, it still hasn’t been solved, the killer has not yet been found. But, hopefully, these crimes will be solved soon and the bastard caught, (ha, he probably thinks he’s gotten away after more than 30 years). But DNA evidence will prove otherwise I’m sure. Can’t wait to see the handcuffs put on his ass.

Her family (Brother Bill Thomas) is still looking for answers, raising awareness about these unsolved murders and others.

In the aftermath of a murder, especially an unsolved murder. The surviving family members must cope with the murder and its effects on their family members. This podcast gives us a glimpse into that and more.

You can listen to this podcast on various channels: iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, as well as their website or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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