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This week’s podcast mention is Book Vs Movie. This is a great podcast for me because I love reading and I also love movies. This podcast is hosted by Margo P. (Porras) and Margo D. (Donohue). Check out all the other fun things these ladies do other than this podcast on their website.

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These hosts just happen to have the same name, so cool. Anyway, I think they are very engaging and funny, they certainly don’t hold anything back when discussing the books and movies.

I sometimes get a different perspective on a certain book or movie when listening, and sometimes you want to go back and watch that movie or read that book again after the two Margo’s discussion, they discuss movies/books that are quite old sometimes so I’m like wait😊, I had forgotten about that part.

I was so happy when I found this podcast, It’s a great way to get into both worlds, books, and movies, especially if you’re a lover of both.

So you do compare a book to the movie at sometimes or all the time? I know I sometimes do, but I think it’s hard not to. This podcast ask you the question “which was better, the book or the movie?”

Now if you haven’t seen or read a book or movie that is being discussed and you are going to listen to this podcast, you might want to listen to the ones where you’ve already read the book or seen the movie. There are many spoilers, as these ladies give way the main plot details and more.

There are quite a few of my favourite books\movies on this podcast, you may find that here for yourselves as well. You can find this podcast on Itunes, Stitcher and Google Play or listen to them right on their website.

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  1. I love reading too it is one of my favorite things to do. I tend to think the book is better than the movie in most cases because movies are usually unable to portray the entire book in a couple hours. The movie though gives you a visual of what you read about although sometimes I find myself screaming at the screen “that’s not what it says in the book”.

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  2. I love reading, but I do love movies too. Often I’ll read the book before watching the movie, but if I’ve seen a movie first before reading the book, if I enjoyed the movie then I’ll check the book out too.

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