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I listen to a lot of podcasts; True Crime, Comedy, How stuff works. Let’s just say I listen to different genres of podcasts on a daily basis.

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So anyway I wanted to start mentioning some of the episodes of the podcasts I listened to. But never really got around to doing it, I also wanted to start expanding my blog, I mean it’s call Books and Stuff after allšŸ˜Š.

Well here goes, hope it leads you to listen to some more great podcasts if you are not already doing so.

My first mention is the Wine & Crime podcast, their podcast is a True Crime Comedy.Ā Ā Its host is three quite funny ladies, Amanda, Kenyon, and Lucy. They do their podcast while drinking a particular wine, it may be the wine relates to the place the crime took place or the crime itself. For instance episode #51 Pet Crimes, they paired it with Ā Wincā€˜s Copycat Tempranillo. Reminds me of True Crime Brewery, they pair each podcast with a particular beer.

So anyway, one of my favouriteĀ episode of theirs is episode #48 Crazy Canadians. They did quite a bit of research on us Canadians. It’s absolutely hilarious. The crime, however, is not, it’s about Russell WilliamsĀ the former air force colonel who did those disgusting murder and sex crimes. I mean this guy actually was so high in ranking he flew former Prime MinisterĀ Jean ChrĆ©tien, andĀ Queen Elizabeth IIĀ andĀ Prince Philip. OMG! I mean what the hell!

So head-on over to Wine & Crime and have a listen to their podcast. You’ll totally enjoy them.

You can find them on these streaming servicesĀ viaĀ Ā Apple Podcasts,Ā Google Play,Ā Spotify,Ā orĀ SoundCloud!

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  1. This sounds really interesting. I love podcast, though I tend to like fictional storytelling ones that are about the supernatural, ghosts, spooky stuff. True Crime usually makes me nervous because that stuff actually exists in the world, whereas you can make the argument that ghosts and vampires and the like donā€™t exist. However, the word wine has me intrigued so I think Iā€™ll give this one a listen.

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