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Watching Glass Shatter – James J. Cudney

cudneyjayI read this amazing book some time ago, I didn’t write a review about it then, however, on my second reading of it, I’ve decided to go ahead and add my take on it.๐Ÿ™‚

Watching Glass Shatter, I just love the title of James Cudney’s debut novel, published in October 2017, it’s a fitting title for the amazing story that comes with it. I came to know about this novel after reading a great review on this book by a fellow blogger (Food In Books) and bought it right after that. It got me so interesting in knowing all about the Glass family.

In the Prologue, Ben Glass the Patriarch of the Glass family meets with his lawyer to make a few changes to his last Will and Testimony, with this change he adds two letters to it. There’s an enormous secret hidden in those letters. Wow! I really thought that Ben Glass was going to have a coronary right there and then, just having to give the letters to his lawyer, knowing that one day his family will have to deal with his deceit.

I mean what the hell kind of secret is so heart wrenching that you want your family to find out after you’re dead. As if dying isn’t traumatic enough for the family.

When we’re introduced to Oliver Glass, she’s mourning her beloved husband Ben of 40 plus years. They have five sons: Theodore, Matthew, Zachary, Caleb, and Ethan. We are also about to hear the reading of Ben’s Will. Well after the reading of the Will, the juicy drama ensues and we begin to learn all about the Glass family. Be ready, it’s also an emotional ride.

Is it right to leave your family a big ass secret that could literally shatter lives? I mean seriously people, just stick a dagger in deeper why don’t you.ย ๐Ÿ˜…ย ๐Ÿ˜…ย I know, a bit dramatic right?

But we all know that family is life, and no matter how broken one may think it has become, it can always be put back together again (thankfully).

There are a few POV’s in this book, so I love the way James Cudney begins each chapter with a separate character or two, you get to know the character so much more this way. All the characters are so well written and are worth knowing, I assure you and the plot is just superb. They all have a story to tell, and some of those stories will leave you reeling, your mouth might drop to the ground a few times during some revelations, just saying.

You’re going to laugh, cry, curse the air as you get deeper into this book. Luckily I read most of it at home, because seriously James, you made me cry a few times there. One element in this book hit home for me big time (like big ole tears man ๐Ÿ˜ฅ). But there’s also so much more to enjoy reading this book, you’re definitely going to laugh quite a bit.

I have to say though, Caleb and Ethan are my very favourite characters throughout. I loved those guys from the start.

If you haven’t read James Cudney’s fantastic debut novel yet, you totally should, this is one you shouldn’t miss reading. It’s like watching an awesome drama unfold on one of your favourite TV show (This Is Us). This psychological and intriguing book about an engrossing family saga is filled with some serious twists and turns.

James, this was a brilliant and amazing novel. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

James Cudney’s second exciting novel is Father Figure.

You can find Watching Glass Shatter on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Check out James blog for more information about him.

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